cbd oil for headaches

CBD Oil For Headaches

Every day, More and more People are using CBD as part of their daily health. But, did you know that people have been using cannabis to treat headaches for thousands of years? The most common reasons people use CBD are to treat anxiety and depression and to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. But can you use CBD oil for headaches?

Ample anecdotal evidence gained from patient surveys suggests that there may be good reason to use CBD oil for headaches.

Some research studies have suggested that CBD may even be helpful in treating more severe forms of headaches such as migraines and cluster headaches which can come with nausea.[4]

Doctors generally prescribe a group of drugs called triptans to treat migraines. Triptans work by blocking the release of inflammatory compounds in the brain. Unfortunately, these drugs have significant side effects including dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, among others.

Patients who use CBD oil for headaches spend less money on expensive migraine medications. And many patients report that daily CBD treatments result in fewer migraines. And they also miss fewer days at school or work.

Studies on CBD oil for headaches

According to studies, CBD may be more effective at reducing the frequency of headaches than prescription migraine medications. And CBD has no negative side effects, even at high doses.

In one study, 127 participants who suffered from chronic migraines and cluster headaches were given a treatment which included CBD. The results showed that the treatment was about equal at reducing the frequency of migraines as commonly prescribed medication.[3]

Although the usual prescription and the treatment which included CBD had about the same results, the CBD treatment had far fewer side effects. Participants reported fewer stomach aches and muscle pains, and fewer incidences of colitis.[1]

In a study conducted in 2017, researchers explored the effects of CBD on 26 participants who experienced headaches as a result of medication. Patients were given either ibuprofen or nabilone along with CBD for a period of eight weeks at a time with eight weeks off in between.

At the end of the study, participants reported more improvements and better quality of life when taking CBD than when using pharmaceutical treatments alone.[2]

In another study, a medical cannabis company polled 621 patients who used CBD for more than 30 days over a six-month period between March and August of 2015. Results showed that 100 percent of the migraine sufferers polled experienced a decrease in pain or discomfort.[3]

How CBD Works and the Role Of Serotonin

Medical professionals believe that CBD’s effects on serotonin levels is responsible for reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines.

Serotonin is a chemical neurotransmitter which affects mood, social behavior, appetite, sleep, memory, and much more. Medical professionals have suggested that serotonin deficit may cause depression. Higher levels of serotonin not only translate to a lower the risk of depression but also fewer inflammation-related conditions such as headaches.[4]

CBD has been shown to have effects on anandamide, a compound associated with the production of serotonin as well as pain regulation. High levels of anandamides are associated with reduced feelings of pain.[5] Inflammation is also a known cause of headaches. CBD affects inflammatory response and limits inflammation throughout the body. [6]

Other patients report that daily CBD-rich cannabis prevents migraines from occurring. Once a headache begins, most people prefer a rapid delivery method such as inhalation or sublingual tincture.”[7]

Endocannabinoid deficiency and headaches

According to an article on MigraineKey.com, chronic migraine sufferers have an endocannabinoid deficiency. And CBD mimics the effects of endocannabinoids bolstering the endocannabinoid system.[8]

According to a report in Medscape, “modulation of the endocannabinoid system may be a cure for more chronic neurologic and immune conditions.”[9]

Another study recently published in Nature suggests that the neurological disorder which causes migraines may result from an immune system imbalance. And CBD also helps regulate the immune response.[10]

An Italian study published in 2008 found that chronic migraine sufferers’ endocannabinoid levels were 50 percent of those in healthy people.[11]

Using CBD oil for headaches

If you’re going to try using CBD oil products for headaches, it’s critical that you use high-quality CBD from a trusted source. Keep in mind that not all CBD oil is created equal. Moreover, many brands of CBD oil contain contaminants that could make your headache problems even worse and possibly trigger migraines.

Here at Curative Biosciences, we have the most potent and powerful CBD formulations in the world. In our softgels, the nano-particulate delivery system of microemulsions results in bioavailability 3-5 times higher than regular CBD oils.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology uses GMP, NSF and ISO certified processes. And proprietary engineering molecularly removes any unwanted compounds in our oil including the remaining THC, preserving the maximum potency level of phytocannabinoids.

Rigorous Chromatography Testing ensures accurate levels of phytocannabinoids and confirms the absence of THC through our proprietary processes. This guarantees a consistent, pure product that is legal, non-psychotropic, non-addictive, and safe for your entire family.

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