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What are the potential health benefits of CBD oil?

Over the past two decades, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) has earned the distinction of being one of the most hotly studied compounds on the planet. But what are the potential health benefits of CBD oil?

First, it’s important to stress that CBD offers many of the same health benefits as delta-9 THC, the compound in marijuana that causes a high. But CBD is non-psychotropic and does not cause a high. In fact, the CBD in Curative Bioscience’s products comes from THC-free hemp.

Scientists who are studying CBD are finding that it shows promise as being beneficial for treating a wide variety of ailments including arthritis, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, viral and bacterial infections, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, epilepsy, diabetes, and more. And the scientific evidence is accumulating. We’ll look more at that below.

How can this one compound found in hemp extract be beneficial for so many ailments?

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is one of a family of compounds we call cannabinoids. The cannabis plant produces more than 100 different cannabinoids.

When scientists began looking into the physiological mechanisms of CBD, what they found was a vast system or receptors in cells throughout the human body upon which cannabinoids act. Like a key that opens a door, cannabinoids fit into receptors on cells and unlock various cellular activities.

In the process of discovering cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors, scientists discovered something else amazing. Plants aren’t the only living things that create cannabinoids. In fact, the human body makes its own cannabinoids, naturally.

As it turns out, the cannabinoids found in hemp can mimic the effects of those created naturally by the human body.

The Key To Cellular Activity

Cannabinoid receptors exist in abundance in the outer layer of cells throughout the body. And they are especially abundant in the brain and major organs.

The job of these chemical keys is to regulate bodily functions at a cellular level. The brain takes in information from the nervous system and determines what adjustments need to be made to cellular activity to promote balance. It then produces chemical keys that unlock receptors activating any of a variety of functions within the cell.

These functions can be anything from increasing metabolism in fat cells to regulating electrical activity in neurons to instructing cells which have passed their expiration date to commit suicide.

As you can imagine, cells are extremely complex living systems, and there are a myriad of functions that can be controlled if you have the right key – hence the wide variety of effects which can be instantiated with these keys, and the wide variety of ailments that respond to them.

CBD also has powerful antioxidant properties. CBD has the ability to latch onto and render harmless molecules that can damage DNA called free radicals thus preventing them from causing damage which can result in disease. Because of this antioxidant feature, CBD can also act as both an antibacterial and antiviral compound.

What are the potential benefits of CBD oil?

We’ve determined that CBD can control a variety of aspects of cellular activity. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the potential health benefits of CBD oil.

Inflammation reduction

One of the most important and proven benefits of CBD oil is that it is an exceptional anti-inflammatory. Heart disease, the number one cause of death in the US, is thought to be caused by systemic inflammation. There have been numerous scientific studies that dramatically illustrate CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to treat circulatory diseases in animal models. [1]

Pain reduction

Doctors often associated pain with inflammation. Reduce inflammation and you reduce pain. Additionally, CBD has been shown to help regulate the nervous system’s response to pain. [2]

Blood sugar regulation

CBD has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels which may help to delay or prevent the onset of diabetes. And with patients who already have diabetes, because of its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD may help to reduce damage to the kidneys. [3]

Anxiety and depression

Another one of the important benefits of CBD oil is that the CBD mimics the effects of a cannabinoid-like molecule called anandamide. Anandamide stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin also affectionately known as the “happy molecule.” People with anxiety and depression commonly have lowered levels of serotonin. Many who suffer from these issues swear by CBD as a way to control them. [4]

Sleep disorders

One of the systems that is affected by CBD is your body’s internal clock. Circadian rhythms, as they are called, determine at what time each day your brain and body go into sleep mode. CBD has been shown to balance these rhythms across physiological systems in the human body and help regulate sleeping pattern. Many CBD users claim that they sleep better at night and have more energy and alertness during the day. [5]


CBD may help to fight tumors in two ways. First, as above, CBD is a powerful antioxidant. There are billions of harmful molecules roaming your body at any given moment. These are called free radicals and they can damage your DNA resulting in unregulated cell growth. CBD attaches itself to free radicals rendering them harmless. Second, CBD has been shown to initiate a process called apoptosis in cells that have outlived their usefulness which essentially commands the cells to commit suicide before they start to malfunction and grow out of control. [6]


Studies show that CBD has neuroprotective properties. In fact, research has shown that CBD can reverse brain damage caused by THC. Not only that, studies have suggested that CBD can help to reduce the onset of brain diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. [7]

Gut health

Chronic gut ailments such as IBD, Crohn’s, and colitis can be greatly disruptive to the lives of people suffering from them – not to mention deadly. Medical professionals associate many gut ailments with autoimmune issues, inflammation, and cannabinoid deficiencies. Researchers believe that CBD may provide relief for all of these ailments. In fact, the human digestive system has an abundance of cannabinoid receptors. Many who suffer from these ailments are deficient in cannabinoids. And many report significant improvements as a result of supplementing their diet with CBD. [8]

Bacterial and viral infections

As mentioned earlier, many patients use CBD specifically for its antioxidant properties. But not as many people know about CBD’s antiviral properties. In fact, researchers say CBD is 10 times more powerful an antioxidant than vitamin C. The same properties make CBD a powerful antibacterial and antiviral compound. Although human cells love CBD, it can be deadly to bacteria, and viruses. CBD can attach itself to bacteria and viruses causing their death or rendering them harmless. [9]

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, the idea that CBD might be useful to treat a wide variety of conditions is not quackery. It’s serious science. And we have a lot yet to learn when it comes to the benefits of CBD oil.

Curative Biosciences offers some of the most potent and effective CBD formulations in the world today. We extract our CBD from naturally-grown industrial hemp and contains zero THC.

Curative Biosciences products undergo extensive chromatography testing procedures designed to ensure that the levels of cannabinoids that we list on our products are accurate. Testing also confirms the absence of THC. This rigorous testing guarantees a consistent product that is safe for your entire family.

The Curative Biosciences brand is about science-backed, effective products. We develop our products to truly improve the quality of life for our customers. And it’s about going the extra mile to do what’s right for our customers at every stage of the process from cultivation to manufacturing to your countertop.

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